Innovate together with consumers.

Every connects you to consumers in real-time so you can innovate together with consumers to create products & brands that they adore, and continuously stay ahead of the competition.

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Step 1

It starts with a question from you.

Draft questions on our platform by yourself with assistance from Every Research Experts, or let us handle the entire research while you take a back seat.

Step 2

That gets answered by hundreds of consumers in minutes.

Get real-time answers from verified consumers in our database that’s trusted by publications & industry giants.

Step 3

So you can uncover insights that lead to great decisions.

Analyse results in our easy-to-use analysis dashboard to get a conclusion, or let us handle the analysis and help you understand the results.

Are you innovating with consumers in mind?

Consumers are increasingly expecting companies to innovate, and innovate with their feedback in mind.

Built for everyone in the organisation.

The Every Consumer Innovation Platform helps you to innovate with consumers every day.

For Marketers

Create a cult following for your brand. Find out what consumers think about your brand and your campaigns. Optimise your ad messaging to make sure consumers get your message, find it relevant, and remember it. Discover partnership opportunities. Find the best medium to reach your audience. Grow more with less.

For Product Innovators

Create a product that consumers obsess over. Find out what consumers care about the most in your product. Prioritise the right features to build first. Choose the right packaging design, assortments, pricing, and channels to maximise ROI. Uncover trends before they happen to achieve first-mover advantage.

For Strategy Professionals

Gain proprietary insights into new markets, categories, and trends that can create significant results for your organisation. Validate your assumptions with consumers to make the right decisions.

For Research & Insights Professionals

Do all of the above for your organisation without waiting for 3 months and paying tens of thousands to research agencies. Get access to consumer insights in real-time, at a fraction of the cost, with advanced research tools built into the platform. Achieve more with less.

No research experience? No problem.

Every Research Experts, our in-house consumer researchers are here to help you to go from unanswered questions to actionable results.

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  • Learn how to accurately get feedback from consumers.
  • Start your research with confidence by consulting Every Research Experts.
  • Get help on crafting your research to hit your business objectives.
  • Get help on uncovering insights with Every Research Experts.

Our suite of innovation solutions.

The Every Consumer Innovation Platform helps you to innovate with consumers every day.

Brand Innovation

  • Involve consumers in your brand marketing campaigns.
  • Establish and track your brand experience.
  • Understand what consumers think of your marketing messages
  • Turn your brand into a religion.

Product Innovation

  • Involve consumers in your product development cycle.
  • Establish and track your product satisfaction score.
  • Understand usage and behaviours of your consumers.
  • Make your product into an obsession.
Industry leading data for industry leaders.

Our data is trusted by major publications & industry giants.

“Every is a seamless solution for our team to create and build our research. The survey creation process was very quick and the results helped us shape our future plans for the brand.

We received great help from Every Research Experts. They guided us in building an overall thorough survey. This allowed our team to start planning and focus on other areas of the Khind brand.

See Yin Khay
Marketing Manager

“Every offers a vast and reliable nationally representative insights to better understand peoples' behaviour by helping us make a faster, smarter and bolder decisions. In this way, we can accurately understand the behaviour of a larger population without actually engaging with each and every person. The user interface of Every was compelling, visually impressive and very well presented on the real time dashboard.

Wan Zetty Hayani Wan Saidin

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